The launch of Rachel Robertson's Prologic Skincare range has featured in magazines and newspapers, as well as on television and radio. Watch this space to read more about the continuing success of Prologic.


Vital Organs. NZ Fashion Quarterly. March 2017

You first noticed them in your teens, right? And since then you’ve spent years peering at them in the mirror, poking them, squeezing them and applying pore strip after pore strip — only to have the little buggers defiantly return. What we’re talking about are those dots on your skin — they could be on your nose, your chin or both.


Q & A with Rachel Robertson. Spa & Beauty June 2014

"With a lot of help and determination. I really think you need to be passionate about what you do, I don't see this as my “job”, it's my career, passion and hobby all rolled into one. I've had lots of help and support over the years from wonderful mentors and role models. People like Flo Barrett-Hill who has been a constant source of inspiration, along with the likes of my old business mentor Karen Lynch. But I have also learnt to put myself out there as well, you don't achieve recognition until you do."

Mava's Top 10. Wellington Women Magazine Spring 2013

With all the sunscreen, sweat and sand of summer, an effective cleaner is an important skincare step. Prologic Pigment Cleanser is a specialised pigmentation product designed specifically for treating southern hemisphere pigmentation issues caused by our powerful sun. With lactic acid, lecithin and linseed oil, the skin's natural barrier functions are kicked into gear.


The Prologic Story. Beauty NZ Magazine Sep/Oct 2013

With a strong vision from the outset, Rachel wanted to keep Prologic a New
Zealand-made product and push the boundaries of her formulations. Not wanting
to rely on the ‘easy route’ of formulating with lots of cheap fillers and emulsifiers,
this vision has created many hurdles for Rachel to overcome along the way.


Finalist. New Zealand Woman's Weekly

Readers Choice Beauty Awards 2013

Prologic Gel Cleanser once again has made the finals for "Best Acne Treatment" please vote at or fill in the voting form in the current magazine.


When Only The Best Will Do. SO Magazine. April 2013

This is precisely the time to hold even tighter to your vision, as Rachel Robertson, a multi-award winning beauty therapist, discovered. Her incredible passion for great skin has led this entrepreneur from downunder to create a world first.


Finalist. New Zealand Woman's Weekly

Readers Choice Beauty Awards 2012

Prologic has been named as a finalist for the NZ Woman's Weekly Beauty Awards 2012. The Prologic Gel Cleanser has made the Top 5 in the "Best Acne Treatment" category. Now it's your turn to support us and vote! You can vote online at or fill in the voting form in the magazine out today.

We are very excited about this Top 5 position being such a new company.


What's New. Wellington Women. Autumn 2012

Prologic Gel Cleanser - This gentle foaming cleanser contains no chemical detergents such as commonly used Sodium Lareth Sulphate. Cocoglucoside (from coconuts) gently cleanses the skin. Beta Lipohydroxy Acid is a slow penetrating BHA, meaning you don't get any harsh surface reaction happening on those inflamed sore spots. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial it is perfect for targeting Acne. Can also be used as a "spot treatment" - by massaging gently into the spot for 30 seconds and leaving on for 5 mins before washing off. The Prologic Skincare range is produced by Rachel Robertson of Skin Therapy Thorndon.


Skincare expert Rachel Robertson.

TVNZ Good Morning. November 2009

Skincare specialist Rachel Robertson has tips every woman should know about skincare.

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Preventing pigmentation.

Dominion Post fashion magazine. November 2011

Uneven skin pigmentation is common in New Zealand’s harsh climate. Now there’s a product whose creator claims helps prevent and treat it, writes Carolyn Enting.



Prologic, an advanced professional skin care range, makes its début.

Lucire global fashion magazine. October 2011

We are very impressed with Prologic, a new New Zealand-developed professional skin care range. The brainchild of Rachel Robertson (whose Skin Therapy clinic has been covered in Lucire, and who is the New Zealand Therapist of the Year 2011–12), Prologic specifically leaves out the harsh additives that may be harmful to skin.



A win-win for great skin. Wellington Women. Spring 2011

'To hold the title of NZ Therapist of the Year 2011/2012 is a pretty amazing feeling! I have worked really hard to be at the top of the industry and be able to provide my clients with the absolute best. It has been an extremely busy few years running the business, having a baby and launching Prologic, my own professional skin care line, but it has also been so rewarding'.


What lies beneath... Wellington Women. Winter 2011

There’s nothing superficial about advanced skincare specialist Rachel Robertson’s approach to skincare – and it shows. Scanning her epidermis for imperfections is hard work, testament to the way she treats it and wants us to treat ours. The award-winning beauty therapist has excelled in her field for the last 13 years through an innovative approach to educating the public about skincare and her renowned Thorndon ‘Skin Therapy’ clinic. But what makes her stand out from the plethora of beauty salons that dot our city and suburbs?